Ladies Mentoring


“Helping women grow in their faith through intentional relationships with spiritually mature women.”

“Most of us have wished at some point in our lives for someone we could turn to for advice and encouragement. We have longed for someone we trusted and felt comfortable being ourselves with. Someone who wouldn’t judge us but would love us enough to speak truth into our lives. Treasured Friends is a women’s mentoring program geared toward helping women develop into the woman God created them to be. This is not meant to be a counseling program but simply a way of engaging in relationships that can impart strength, courage and faith. Our goal is to provide mentors who can come alongside to inspire, encourage, guide, and strengthen the faith of women at CFC.

 “God has brought together a team of faithful, loving, capable women who are here waiting and willing to come alongside you. If you feel like you’d like someone to talk to email us at   or call the church at (218) 776-3367.